Products Overview

Basically our product is a vegetable and/or herb garden in your yard or patio.  To that end we have a variety of options to choose from based on your needs.  Given the generally poor soil quality that you find in San Diego County, we think the best approach to growing healthy produce is through the use of raised beds or as we like to call them garden boxes.  Garden boxes give you the ability to control your soil quality, save water, make better use of your space, and have an overall more attractive garden.  To that end, below is some basic information about the garden boxes that we build here at Good Health Gardens.  


Garden Boxes

Our garden boxes are designed to be placed in your yard on top of the ground.  They come in various sizes depending on the space available and the needs of the client.  We have a few standard sizes or we can build specific dimensions as needed.  The garden boxes allow you to grow more in less space with a more efficient use of resources including soil, water, and space.

All of our garden boxes are designed for use with ollas.  Ollas are a great way to supply water to your garden without wasting any of its runoff.  More about Ollas.  

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Note: site preparation not included.  If your space needs any work such as clearing  or leveling the work will be done based on a site visit and a bid on the project.


Patio Garden Boxes

The difference between a patio box and a regular garden box is that the patio box is designed to sit on a cement or other hard surface and may need to be moved from time to time even it only a short distance.  The patio box has a water permeable bottom that allows rain water to flow out but if you ever needed to move it you would not lose all of the soil it contains.

For prices and options please visit the online store.